After studying in England for three years, I decided to go to Canada to do a Masters in International Business. During my studies, I have been involved in so many different departments of the university that it enabled me to land a job… At the university! While working at the Bureau for international students, I realized the extent and the complexity of the issues experienced by international students like myself and how much I wanted to do more for these students. This fueled my thrive for entrepreneurship and after a lot of questioning (Is this for me? Am I competent enough? Is it a good idea?) I decided to stop overthinking and just get on with it!

You might ask yourself: Why this blog? Well, I want to give my view of what it is like to start a business in Montreal. It is a lot of ups and downs with many learning opportunities along the way but I believe all this is worth it whether it works out well in the end, or not. And if through my articles I can help you have a clearer vision of an entrepreneurship journey, well my goal will be achieved!

Next to that, I love dancing, discovering new things, talking to people, eating food from different countries… I am a very curious person so if you have more questions on my journey or yours, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to exchange with you.