Creating the logo is one of the most important steps in creating your own business. You might have ideas, a vision for your company but you will definitely need a visual identity to be able to brand it and sell your ideas to your clients, investors, etc.
But should you pay for your logo or do it yourself? Whatever option you choose, here are my top 3 advice:
1- Do not take branding lightly
I know, finances could be tight and you might be looking at any ways to save money. But do not neglect the logo. At first, I wanted so much to reduce the cost that I started doing the logo myself. There is no lack of websites offering such services online. However, you will quickly find yourself limited in the design #nothingcomesforfree. So you might settle on a logo but take a minute to think: does it really reflect my company? I came across so many bad logos and header visuals that made me look the other way online that I do not want my clients to feel the same way. It does have a big impact on customers’ perception and it is a process that need to be well thought otherwise you’ll just be another company among others…
2- Ask for quotes
You might be surprised by how much the price could vary for a logo. For myself, I looked for freelancers in Montreal on Google but the results did not satisfy me, the styles offered were not what I was looking for. So I went on Kijiji. I asked at least 10 freelancers for a quote and prices varied from $50 to $500. Bear in mind, it depends on the designer’s experience and the time spent on the logo. I was a bit lost at first as the difference in price range is pretty big but I asked one of my friends who also created her own company and she paid around $600 for her logo. So I met with the designer whose style I liked the most, we talked about my project and he offered me a good price for the logo, business card design and letterhead. If you like what he does, contact him, he’s really good! Here is his website: Julien Design.
3- Use your network
Finally, I would advise you to use your network and ask friends and family if they know someone with graphic design skills. You might have a reasonable price for your logo but take someone who has a design style that will fit the company’s spirit. Also, make sure that everything said during your first meeting stay confidential. You can also ask third year graphic students with good portfolios for a quote or even look at NPOs, you never know!
All in all, I would recommend you to look both ways and then take a decision. Personally, I think that having a professional doing your logo is a good asset, especially if you are only online and your brand strategy needs to be strong. But it’s up to you to choose the option you feel more comfortable with and best for your company.
And you, did you pay for your logo?


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