The first step is to put your ego aside and look for help. Entrepreneurship is a looooong journey and if you are not fully equipped for this, it might be more challenging than what you thought. So for a smooth start, I would advise you to search for advice among these entities helping entrepreneurs:
And that’s just to cite a few. For myself, I was lucky enough to have an entrepreneurship center in my business school which helped me believe in my project and act on it. I would recommend crossing information and help. Indeed, nothing restrains you from being followed by 2 or 3 institutions. It could give you more ideas to develop your business and different ways to achieve your objectives.
Then, you have to think about finance (if you did not think about it already), as most banks will not be ready to lend you some money if you do not make an effort first. So before looking into different financing programs with the institutions cited above, start by looking into your own finance:
  • How much do I think I need to start my business?
  • How much can I invest?
  • Can my family, friends, partner help me? If yes, how much?
Be creative to reduce the costs to the minimum and then discuss your financing plan with different institutions.
Bear in mind that creating a business of products (for which you will need stocks, storage space, etc.) might be more demanding at the start that an enterprise of services, depending if you need developers or project managers to be able to sell your services.
And you, what were your first steps as an entrepreneur?

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