Finding your business name can be the first hardest step in your entrepreneurial adventure. It is also the most important. It will be your first contact with your target market so if you want to succeed, your company name should be clear, concise and simple to make it easy to remember.
You want to know more? Here are my 8 tips to help you find your business name:
1. Mind map your idea
Ideas may flow and come from everywhere but you might struggle to find the right fit for your company. To clarify your mind, use a pen and paper, put in the center your core product/service and words related to it. You can use Bubbl to do it online.
2. Know what you want and what your customer wants
Make a list of messages or feelings you want to convey through your business name. Why would they use your service knowing what you do? What is the benefit? The key might be there.
3. Look for synonyms
One word is too long or too complex to understand? Use a synonym that will be shorter and keep the same meaning.
4. Use acronyms
I am not a big fan of acronyms but they helped me thinking of essential words I wanted in my brand name. Maybe working with letters instead of words can help you clarify your idea and be more precise.
5. Ask your friends, family and network
Getting their opinion can raise doubts, questions, and words that could be useful in your logo or slogan.
6. Keep it simple
Go for a short and clear name that says it all about your business. If not, make sure your extra words are essential to market your business. For myself, my brand name is quite long but I wanted to convey the idea of tourism and a clear vision for my customers. Therefore, I used my slogan to put more details on my business.
7. Use the Internet
There are a few business name generators such as Panabee or even BizNameWiz which could help you find the right name. Have a look to have a broader view when searching for your name!
8. Check if the .com is available
Last but not least, check if the .com is available. It could be a big advantage for you as it is a reflex for most people to type “.com” online. It also brings you more legitimacy than a .net, .biz or .info. Otherwise, go for the .ca but make sure the .com is not a competitor of yours so that you do not bring him more visitors.

Finally, it is a process that takes a long time and should be well thought so you should not rush into it. Personally, it took me a few weeks to settle on a business name.

And you, which tips did you use to find your business name?

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